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Customer reviews

This is what customers have to say about their purchases from IT’S A TRAP! 

FOX LIGHTS 5 Star Review

Posted by Wayne Wallace on 9th Jul 2015

Purchased 3 fox lights after losing chickens and ducks to foxes/dogs.
Have had no problems since putting the lights up. Definitely working for



Very pleased with this purchase! 5 Star Review

Posted by Robyn Prendergast on 24th Jun 2015

This is an excellent, strongly built product and so easy to set up. We now rest a lot easier and haven't seen or heard a fox on our property since installed. We are spreading the word to our neighbours.

Product: Fox Lights
Posted By: Fiona

I have a hobby farm in the Ballarat district and for the past 3 years have lost lambs to foxes during each lambing season. I bought the Foxlights and crossed my fingers not expecting them to work as well as they did. I have not lost one lamb due to fox attack and have been very impressed with them. I would highly recommend to any one who has a fox problem like i did.

(IT'S A TRAP note: Thanks for your foxlight feedback Fiona and Lysa. You can place a transistor radio under a waterproof cover and turn it on not too far from the fox lights for human sound as well as the UFO-type visible fox lights during the night to give the wary fox even more compelling survival reasons to stay away from the "humans" in the dark. You could even add some human urine around the base of the star picket supporting the fox lights for another sensory warning message that the fox understands - mark your territory with predator scent as they do.)


Product: Fox Lights
Posted By: Lysa

We thought the area we locked up our chickens, ducks and geese during the night was fox proof until a few weeks ago. I was confronted with an awful scene where I lost all the ducks except one.

My friend had told me about your product. I was very sceptical about it but thought its worth a try for the cost. I must say that we are more than impressed with you product! No sign of any foxes around the area and the poultry seem a lot more relaxed. There is only one issue (funny) as you don't have to turn it on and off, I keep forgetting about it and think its someone on my's hilarious that my heart skips a beat each time lol

I would highly recommend this product! Thank you.

Fox Lights- Min Min Lights Frighten Foxes! 

Posted by Aleks on 20th Oct 2014

Reports of UFOs by the Sci_fi crowd and Min Min lights by the more traditionally minded have been rife in the district. The Fox Light is doing everything it is adverised to do. Saves travelling to the Big Smoke for the New Year fireworks!


Hello Robyn,

A few months ago we purchased Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterent from It’s a Trap in Kyneton; and now we have truly, blissful peace, and quiet!

The dog (a lovely,  much loved animal) behind us nearly drove us nuts with its own constant barking; which then also, set of a chain reaction of some three or four other, dogs barking  in our close  vicinity!

Dazer II has – without harming them - shut them all, up. And Robyn, the lesson of all this is:  that there’s only one thing worse than a constantly barking dog; and that is, the constantly barking dog’s owner(s)!!


Howard Hutchins
Chirnside Pk, Vic. 3116.

"It started with scratches in the ceiling. Then we put one of your sonic deterrents up there with two more in the house. We saw one mouse the next day running across our porch but after that we have not seen or heard anything, we love it."

Sales order no. 921 - John, Kyneton, VIC - Sonic Rodent Repeller 


"I drive from Wollongong to Sydney every other day and I have not seen a roo since I put the whistles on my car - reasonable price."

Sales order no. 931- David, Bulli, NSW - Sonic Kangaroo Deterrent


"Five the first night - I rate it 10 out of 10."

Sales order no. 938 - Libby, Wuk Wuk, VIC - Rat Zapper Ultra


"We can still see foxes around the roads but they don't come near the house or paddock anymore."

Sales order no. 941 - Holly, Macedon, VIC - Foxlight


"Can't complain."

Sales order 944 Sharon, Malmsbury, VIC – RatZapper Classic Twin Pack


"Would recommend it."

Sales order 946 - Mark, Kyneton, VIC - RatZapper Classic


"Pretty good."

Sales order 947 - Barbara, Box Hill North, VIC - RatZapper Classic Twin Pack


"Excellent, really good."

Sales order no. 948 - Jo, Casterton, VIC - Sonic Kangaroo Deterrent


"I love it because the kids can deal with it."

Sales order 949 - Carol, Castlemaine, VIC - Rat Zapper Classic Twin Pack


"Excellent, I do recommend it."

Sales order 952 - Colin, Kyneton, VIC - Rat Zapper Ultra


"I'm on 11 acres and I was losing two ducks a week. I put a Fox Light on the island in the middle of my dam and I have not lost a duck since."

Sales order 960 - Jimmy, Daylesford, VIC - Fox Light


"It is fantastic! I have caught 20 to 25 feral cats over the past summer."

Sales order 969 Helen, Mildura, VIC - The Omeo Feral Cat Trap


"It did what I expected."

Sales order 970 - Roger, Maldon, VIC - Rat Zapper Classic


"Pretty good - very happy"

Sales order 971- Peter, Castlemaine, VIC - Rat Zapper Classic


"Great- been really good."

Sales order 975 - Jenny, TYlden, VIC - Rat Zapper Ultra 


"Fantastic! I got on for my daughter too. Great success!"

Sales order 979 - Justin, Elphinstone, VIC - Fox Light Deterrent


"Lost sheep all last season. Now three fox lights and none lost."

Sales order 980 - Beverley, Kyneton, VIC - Fox Light Deterrent 

"Good product."

Sales order 981 - Graham, Woodend, VIC - Rat Zapper Ultra 




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