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Fox Lights - Battery-powered


Fox Lights - Battery-powered

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Product Description

Fox Lights - Fox Deterrent / Predator Lights

For deterring foxes and other meat-eating night predators

  • The fox thinks the random flashing lights are a human with a torch and it avoids going where the light is flashing through the night. Many foxes are used to being spotlighted by farmers and hunters and know to keep away from night lights.
  • Fox Lights assist in protecting vulnerable and valuable livestock from fox and other night predator attacks such as wild dogs and feral cats
  • Fox Lights are suitable for using around lambs, poultry, goat kids, ducks, geese and piglets, or wherever animal that needs to have marauding foxes and other night predators at bay.
  • Battery operated for use out in paddocks and around sheds during the night
  • Powered by a rectangular six volt torch battery which should last five or six months (battery is not included).
  • Nine long-life LED lights that flash intermittently in all directions and with variable colours and patterns during the night
  • Light sensor automatically turns the Fox Light on at dusk and turns it off again at dawn. You don’t have to be there to activate it or turn it off. There is no on-off switch.
  • Built to slide on top of a star picket to elevate it up to where a predator can see it, or easily attach the Fox Light to the top fencing wire using the built-in lugs, or hang it from a tree, but the tree will obscure part of the view of the light
  • Waterproof O ring seals
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty

See this video - How to use the Fox Light deterrent

For lambing, start using the Fox Light a week before lambing and continue to around two weeks after lambing ends to allow the lambs to grow and be able to run faster.

Slide the Fox Light onto the top of a star picket or hang it on fencing wire where the sheep camp at night. Leave it in the most visible position so the meat-eating predators see the Fox Light from a long way off. This is to deter foxes, wild dogs and feral cats during the night. You don't have to be there - with the inbuilt sensor, The Fox Light automatically turns itself on as the light drops off and turns itself off when the sun comes up.

Place the Fox Light where the fox or other night predator will get the maximum view of it before it gets close to the flock. Think like a fox and where they would walk and hunt.

For poultry, place the Fox Light near the chook sleeping quarters on a shorter star picket, about a meter off the ground, or up on a star picket tied to the chook house roof, where the fox will easily see it from all directions and from a long way off.

Use the same positioning around night housing for other animals vulnerable to predator attack such as piglets, geese, ducks, goat kids, aviaries and wild-life conservation areas for native animals.


It is optional but a good idea to add a transistor radio near to the Fox Light and have it turned on for human sound during the night – place the radio under a waterproof cover – in combination with the Fox Light Deterrent for maximum human “presence”.

How many Fox Lights are needed?

The number of fox lights required for a property is determined by variables. If it is flat land with no obstructions like trees, the Fox Light can be seen from further away. The further distance it can be seen, the better. In these circumstances and as a very rough guide, it may take three to four Fox Lights per 100 sheep or five to six Fox Lights per 200 sheep, placed around the overnight sheep camp.

If it is hillier and with light tree cover which obscures the view of the fox lights, you may need seven to eight Fox Lights per 200 sheep, as the sheep camp is usually higher up and the Fox Light can be seen from a further distance if it is not obscured by trees. If the sheep camp is heavily treed, you may need more Fox Lights to make them visible from all directions.

Each property varies and the owner has to judge it. It may be a good idea to start with a couple of Fox Lights for 100 sheep and see how it goes, then order more if needed.

If it is a suburban back yard with chooks, usually one fox light is enough.

These guides are general.

There is one rule that never changes: If you can't see the light from the Fox Lights because of physical obstructions, then it is not maximising the protection of your flock from night predators.


Customer reviews on Fox Lights




Product: Fox Lights
Posted By: Fiona


I have a hobby farm in the Ballarat district and for the past 3 years have lost lambs to foxes during each lambing season. I bought the Foxlights and crossed my fingers not expecting them to work as well as they did. I have not lost one lamb due to fox attack and have been very impressed with them. I would highly recommend to any one who has a fox problem like i did.


(IT'S A TRAP note: Thanks for your foxlight feedback Fiona and Lysa. You can also place a transistor radio under a waterproof cover and turn it on not too far from the fox lights for human sound as well as the UFO-type visible fox lights during the night to give the wary fox even more compelling survival reasons to stay away from the "humans" in the dark. You could even add some human urine around the base of the star picket supporting the fox lights for another sensory warning message that the fox understands - mark your territory with predator scent as they do.)



Product: Fox Lights
Posted By: Lysa


We thought the area we locked up our chickens, ducks and geese during the night was fox proof until a few weeks ago. I was confronted with an awful scene where I lost all the ducks except one.

My friend had told me about your product. I was very sceptical about it but thought its worth a try for the cost. I must say that we are more than impressed with you product! No sign of any foxes around the area and the poultry seem a lot more relaxed. There is only one issue (funny) as you don't have to turn it on and off, I keep forgetting about it and think its someone on my's hilarious that my heart skips a beat each time lol

I would highly recommend this product! Thank you.


Fox Lights- Min Min Lights Frighten Foxes! 


Posted by Aleks on 20th Oct 2014


Reports of UFOs by the Sci_fi crowd and Min Min lights by the more traditionally minded have been rife in the district. The Fox Light is doing everything it is adverised to do. Saves travelling to the Big Smoke for the New Year fireworks!


Protecting rice crops and dams using Fox Lights

Rice farmers are vulnerable to very large flocks of wild ducks landing on the water overnight and destroying hundreds of acres of rice crops just before harvesting. Many rice farmers are putting up a lot of fox lights on star pickets throughout the crop to effectively deter these large flocks to save their harvest and livelihood.

A rice grower in Echuca bought 30 Fox Lights from us to save his four hundred acres of rice. The Fox Lights are used when the crops are vulnerable to ducks and then brought in to use again, season after season.

Ducks can also foul water quality of dams by using the water through the night. A Fox Light or two can help deter ducks, depending on the size of the dam.

Deterring rats with Fox Lights

Some people sit a Fox Light under their parked cars in the evening for the intermittently flashing Fox Light to deter rats and mice from nesting around the warm motor when it is parked during the night. It is very common for thousands of dollars damage to be done to cars, tractors, motor cycles, combine harvesters and other machinery by rodents chewing through electrical wiring and hoses. Lifting the bonnet on a car overnight can also help reduce the attraction of an engine bay to rodents.

Possum deterrent

Other people are experimenting with a Fox Light in the ceiling to deter pest possums. We are waiting on reports back on this test.


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