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Goshawk Bird Scarer


Goshawk Bird Scarer

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Bird-of-prey replica keeps other birds away

This Hawk Bird Scarer is a replica of a meat-eating bird of prey. It acts as a deterrent for pest birds that come within range of crops, gardens and other areas where you wish to keep them away. Pest birds instinctively know to stay off the menu of hawks and tend to keep their distance. The predator Goshawk mainly eats birds.

The Hawk Bird Scarer measures 750 mm from wing tip to wing tip so it is easily seen by smaller birds. It is a replica of the Goshawk which hovers in the one spot and dives fast on a meal.


The instruction manual comes in the pack with each Hawk Bird Scarer.

Assemble the Hawk Bird Scarer by sliding the tail into the main body. Use the clips enclosed to attach the plastic bird pattern to the underside of the hawk. This pattern is meant to be seen by birds below the level of the elevated hawk. Put the feather pattern on the underside of the hawk, facing the groung. Position the Hawk bird Scarer as high as possible for maximum deterrent effect.

The Hawk Bird Scarer has two large eyes printed in the feather pattern to frighten off most birds. The bigger the eyes appear, and the further apart, the naturally more frightening it is to other birds whose survival instincts kick in and they go to safer areas.

An improvising farmer described how he built his own simple device to make best use of his Hawk Bird Scarers. He cut a few lengths of metal water pipe, around 100 mm diameter and 1750 mm long. These pipes were rammed into the ground in and around crops. He bought six meter lengths of electrical conduit pipe and attached the assembled Hawk Bird Scarers to the top of each conduit with a home-made bracket. The finished conduit assembly was stood in the water pipe with the hawk up around six meters off the ground.

In the breeze, with the flex of the plastic conduit, the Hawk Bird Scarer mimicked the action of the Goshawk which hovers in the one spot without flying forward before diving fast on prey that it spots from above. The farmer also rotated the Hawk Bird Scarer around between different water pipe locations every day or two to keep the maximum deterrent effect working at multiple locations, the same as a bird of prey moving from one location to another.  

When a big storm was predicted, he removed the Hawk Bird Scarers and put them temporarily in the shed by simply lifting them out of the water pipe and replacing them back in the pipes when the storm blew over. At the end of the cropping season, he bought them into the shed till next season.

Other hawk installation methods are described in the instruction manual. You can tie the Hawk Bird Scarer with fishing line as high as possible between buildings, poles or trees.

The Hawk Bird Scarer is made of tough, weatherproof plastic. Use it to protect stone and pome fruits, nut, berry or broad acre crops on calm and windier days. Suspend the hawk over or near the crop. No power, wind or poison is needed which is better environmentally.

The Hawk Bird Scarer’s realistic appearance scares all birds including cockatoos, crows, galahs, corellas, starlings, jays, parrots, bulbuls, mynas and silver eyes.

It deters pigeons, swallows and seagulls from roosting on boats, sheds, verandahs and roofs. It scares ducks off dams and swimming pools but does not give 100% results for sparrows.


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