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Merrijig Large Wild Dog Cage Trap


Merrijig Large Wild Dog Cage Trap

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Dogs, both wild and domestic dogs left to roam at night, can hunt sheep, cattle and native animals solo but usually travel and instinctively hunt in packs from two to 30 dogs or more, from the small Jack Russell terrier to the largest bull mastiff, all hunting as a killing team. Livestock including cattle and wildlife do not stand a chance. Property owners have the right to immediately trap or shoot any stray dog on their land.

Click here for video of Australian sheep losses to wild dogs

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Australian-made strong metal mesh cage trap for live capture
1200 x 700 x 1000 mm, 20 kg
Metal mesh size is 50 x 50 mm spacing
Strong spring on trap door for very fast closing
Four handles for cage transporting
Galvanized Australian steel mesh, precision spot welding
Slide-up galvanized steel back door
Overhead bait basket at the back end of the cage activates the trap door
Big trap for large wild dogs that bring down cattle, sheep and wildlife
Suits escaped pig dogs, dingo crosses, German Shepherds
Useful for park ranger trapping programs where shooting is not permitted
If an unintended species is trapped, it can be released or relocated with no harm
This cage trap can be customized, please phone 0411 555 644 to discuss your requirements.

Set the trap on flat ground that dogs are likely to be traveling over or where their droppings are
Anchor the trap to the ground by hammering in long, solid tent pegs in each corner or wire it to star pickets hammered in at the trap corners so it cannot be rolled by a trapped dog to prevent its escape
Cover the mesh floor with sand so that dogs do not feel the metal mesh under their feet - sand allows water to pass through
Smoothing out the sand shows up footprints
Lift the locking bar up, lift the trap door open and parallel to the ground
Insert the rod on the top of the cage through the loop above the rear bait holder
Push the rod back so that it is a hair trigger action but not that fine that the wind will set it off

Test it out by pushing back on the top of the bait holder and reset it for trapping
To put the odds in your favour and trap more dogs,
remove human scent with a light spray of eucalyptus oil over the trap but not the bait when ready to trap
Wear footwear that has no trace of oil or other man-made chemicals from walking down footpaths, through petrol stations, workshops etc. Or slosh boots through cow or sheep manure before walking around and setting up this trap
Wear clothing that has gone through the washing machine without detergent and avoid any clothing touching the trap after spraying with eucalyptus oil, especially jeans when kneeling on the ground around the trap
Use chemical-free gloves when handling the trap
Bait the trap with meat in the bait holder through the back sheet-metal door which slides up - slide it back down after baiting
Because dogs use their very sensitive sense of smell to track food, drag a dead rabbit or feral cat on a rope in a large circle around the trap to lead dogs into the trap entrance or place a few small pieces of meat in a line outside the trap to lead dogs in to the bait holder
Dead feral cats pieces make good bait meat for this trap - shoot, place cut sections of cat into ziplock bags, freeze and bring out a section when requiring trap bait, same for trapping foxes who love eating feral cat
Other baits include chicken necks, liver, rabbit or dog meat - Kentucky Fried Chicken works as its smell wafts around on the breeze

After catching the first dog, immediately reset the trap for the next one

Check traps daily for catches and freshen up with new bait from time to time

Save one cow or a few sheep and this trap has paid for itself
You may get $10%  back as vermin control if your business does GST and BAS returns - tax invoice supplied
Pick up this big dog trap from the Kyneton, VIC shop or have it couriered to your address in Australia
Please phone 0411 555 644 for a shipping cost and to check stock levels before heading in to the shop.

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