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Myna Magnet Bird Trap


Myna Magnet Bird Trap

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Feral Myna Bird Trap

This trap is based on the two-chamber Canberra design. The people of Canberra declared war on the myna bird and have virtually eliminated it from their area. Records show they have trapped around 40,000 myna birds.

The feral Indian myna is on the top 100 most invasive animals on the planet. Like cane toads, it is spreading further across Australia in the millions at the expense of native birds. The myna bird pushes native birds out of their nest hollows and it smashes their eggs. It takes over the nest hollows and breeds. The imported myna bird is one of the factors causing species extinction of native birds across Australia.

The myna bird is pushy, aggressive and greedy. This trap and how to best use it is based on those inbuilt characteristics to trap multiples of myna birds each day. No poisons or blood and guts. Just outsmart them.

When you have cleared your area of the flock of myna birds, expect to see the native birds return (unless you keep cats).


Educate your mynas to use the trap before starting to trap them. Ideally, place the assembled trap where there are no people or other animals to scare the birds off. These birds hang around in groups and they communicate with each other.

Tie a mirror inside the chamber. They like to see more of themselves and feel secure in their own company. They like red food such as raw meat, strawberries or cherries. Put a small piece of bright red plastic in the chamber and feed them cheaper dried dog or cat food or whatever else you find that they like eating.

Each day, give them free feed and water in the two bowls provided in the smaller chamber. This chamber has two funnel entrances. Let them come and go in this smaller chamber for at least nine days, preferably two weeks. By then, it is imprinted in their brains that this is the place to come for food and water each day. Then start trapping them each day.

Move the food and water bowls, the mirror and the red plastic into the larger trapping chamber. The mynas come into their usual entrances in the smaller chamber and find the third funnel into the trapping chamber to get to their usual food and water. This is a one-way trip as this funnel has fine metal spikes angled up so that the mynas can push up through this entrance but cannot get back out of it. They have food and water and a perch in the trapping chamber.

The first bird in the trapping chamber is happily eating and drinking. It becomes the decoy bird to attract its mates. This trap holds many mynas. Each day, you attract more myna birds until the area is cleared of them. In the future, they may return. As new mynas enter the area, re-use the trap in the same way before they breed up in larger numbers.


The other important part of myna bird trapping is to empty the Myna Magnet trap of birds before the sun comes up. If they are still alive in the trap at dawn, they will communicate with the others outside the trap and they will be warned off. You will have to start the training process all over again in another location. So, deal with the trapped birds at the end of each day.


After the myna birds are trapped, unclip the smaller entry chamber and put the larger holding chamber with the trapped mynas in it into the gassing bag. Attach the gassing bag by a hose to the exhaust pipe of a petrol motor. Diesel motors are not useful for this purpose.

Cold petrol motors emit more poisonous carbon monoxide than hot motors. Run the motor out in the open (not enclosed in a garage) for a few minutes with the bag attached. Turn the motor off and let the trap and birds stay in the gassing bag for a further 20 minutes. The trapped birds just go to sleep and die peacefully. If you have a compost bin, bury the gassed birds and convert these ferals into nitrogen fertilizer for the garden. Or bag and bin them. Reset the trap with food and water for the next day.


The Myna Magnet is shipped anywhere in Australia as a flat packed kit to assemble yourself for $197.00 plus shipping, unless you come to our Kyneton shop and choose the other option to buy the Myna Magnet trap assembled at $237.00. The flat pack trap comes complete with the two cage chambers, bird gassing bag, food and water bowls, funnels, clips and instruction book.




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