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The Walgett Sparrow Trap


The Walgett Sparrow Trap

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Product Description

The Walgett Sparrow Trap

Australian designed and made

900 x 450 x 450 mm

Please phone IT'S A TRAP on 1300 487 287 or 0411 555 644 in business hours with your town, state and postcode for a shipping price of the Walgett sparrow trap delivered directly to your street address.

Galvanized steel mesh
Holds 50 or more birds
Sheet metal interior to shield vulnerable sparrows from birds of prey
Sliding side access door
Two carry handles

How to use

Decide how you are going to deal with the trapped sparrows before you start live trapping.

Place the trap on level ground where sparrows are likely to congregate. This could be outside or inside a farm shed.

Put a tent peg in each corner if on the ground to hold the trap down and minimize trap movement by wind so that birds are not startled.

Align the side of the sheet metal interior against the direction of the prevailing wind to give the birds entering the trap some wind shelter.

The central sheet metal inverted triangle gives small sparrows a sense of security from being easily picked off by birds of prey so that they feel safer entering the trap to eat the bread.

For two or three days, train the sparrows to associate this trap with food by leaving small piles of bread on the ground either side of the central trap entrance and observe that the sparrows are eating the food.

After this free feeding time, an amount of bird feed and/or bread can be placed in a small hole dug in the ground under the centre of the wire mesh floor of the trap for additional visual incentive for sparrows to enter through the one-way trap entrance.

Remove the free food outside the trap, lift the sliding rear entrance door, put a generous amount of sparrow food and water in bowls inside on the floor of the trap, enough to keep at least 50 or more sparrows happy till the end of the day. No food inside, no incentive for other sparrows to enter the trap.

Lay a small trail of breadcrumbs or grains on the ground leading up to and onto the floor in the centre of the trap. Don't overfeed outside the trap.

Place a larger piece of breadover the trap entrance, just big enough to cover the circular trap door hole.

The first sparrow of the day follows this food trail, pecks the piece of bread covering the trap entrance and part of this bread drops inside on to the lower floor of the trap.

The bird follows the fallen bread by diving down through the entrance hole.

It sees the additional bowls food and water already in the trap and it goes over to eat and drink.

Sparrows cannot escape back up through the three metal danglers under the circular trap entrance.

As sparrows naturally congregate in large numbers for safety, this first bird happily eating the food and it becomes the decoy bird and attacts the others in.

The other sparrows follow the first sparrow through the same entrance to also get in to the food inside the trap.

Check the sparrow trap daily and remove trapped birds through the side access door at the end of the day.

Top up the bowls with fresh feed and water inside the trap, place more bread in the small lead-up trail and over the round trap door ready for the next days catch.

Repeat the daily trapping process until all the sparrows are gone.

They will return in the future - re-use the sparrow trap as needed.


The Sparrow Trap is too large to be accepted through the Australia Post system, therefore the freight price to your area cannot be automatically calculated in our online store checkout.

Please phone IT'S A TRAP on 1300 487 287 or 03 5422 7762 in business hours with your town, state and postcode for a shipping price of the Walgett sparrow trap delivered directly to your street address.

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