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Wasp Trap


Wasp Trap

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The European Wasp is another introduced feral pest that should not be in Australia. 


To avoid killing valuable bees but trap and kill European Wasps in this trap, buy a piece of white oily fish such as Rock Ling. Cut it into one to two centimeter cubes. Place cubes on a tray and freeze them. Seal and store frozen cubes in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

To bait the trap, unscrew the base of the trap and drop in one fish cube. Add cold water to three quarters full. Screw the base to the top of the trap.

Hang the trap from a tree or sit it on a flat surface away from where people are positioned.

If you have a house and an outside BBQ, place the trap on the furthest side of the BBQ, away from the house to draw the wasps away from you.

European Wasps are attracted to the smell of Ling fish and enter the top of the trap. They head down to the fish smell and drown.

When the trap is full of dead wasps, it is time to empty it and replace with a new piece of fish and cold water.

Avoid using sugary products as bait as this will attract and kill bees.


change the bait or inspect the trap in daylight. European wasps have a very painful and long-lasting sting and unlike bees, they can sting repeatedly. They also swarm, can attack as a pack and can pursue you. Some people are allergic to insect stings and it can be fatal.

To check the trap, wash it out and rebait it, only do this after dark when wasps are dormant. Some of the wasps inside the trap may still be alive. If using a torch to check the trap at night, cover the torch front with red cellophane as this red coloured light does not bother the wasps. Regular white torch light will aggravate the wasps. 

In early Spring, if you see a large European wasp slowly flying around, it is likely to be the Queen looking for a hole in a tree, building, woodpile or some other place to set up a new nest and start breeding. Have no hesitation in killing that wasp before the new nest is built. Use a fly swatter or some other method that kills it fast. There may be more than one Queen looking to start a new nest.

If you know the location of a European wasp nest, it is a wise move to call in a pest exterminator to deal with it. The nest location may be spotted as the sun is going down and the prowling wasps start heading for home. They fly back to the nest entrance at this time.

For example, if the nest is in a hole in mortar in a cavity brick wall, after dark with your red-coloured torch light, jam the nest entrance with steel wool to trap them in there.

Not all wasps are European wasps. There are native Australian wasps that are meant to be here and are part of the native fauna.

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