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Wimmera Pigeon Trap


Wimmera Pigeon Trap

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Product Description

The Wimmera Pigeon Mesh Cage Trap

Australian-made quality, built to trap many birds at once

1000 x 580 x 250 mm

Anyone who has had unwanted pigeons on their property or inside their buildings knows how much they excrete. Their corrosive and smelly droppings foul vehicles, buildings and contaminate roof top water tank collections. Maoris, some European cultures and some up-market restaurants have a practical use for pigeons – pigeon pie, roast pigeon, squab etc.

Their strong homing instinct makes it near impossible to shoo pigeons away once they have set up home. Trapping is a viable option.

This large, well made Australian pigeon trap holds numerous birds as a time. Be patient in the first week to educate the pigeons to eat and drink inside the trap, before you start trapping them.

The pigeon trap has two entrances on opposite sides. It also has a large galvanized metal tray to hold bird food. This tray sits in the centre on the floor of the mesh cage trap.

Instructions for use

Pick a level site that the pigeons are using that will fit this large trap. It measures 97 x 60 x 26 cm and is made of very good quality galvanized iron mesh.

There is a row of metal danglers across both entrances.

Tie up these danglers so that many pigeons can free-feed inside the trap for around a week. They get confident about walking in and out of the trap. Put a small trail of bird food or grain leading towards the entrances at first to direct them towards the bigger bowl of food inside the trap. Also have a bowl of drinking water always inside the trap.

For pigeon recipes, please click on this link  Don't gas pest pigeons if you intend to eat them.

Put a piece of bright red plastic inside the trap in the food tray, around the size of the palm of your hand, as red to a bird means ripe food, like tomatoes, cherries, strawberries etc.

Keep the bowl of food and water topped up inside the trap so that the pigeons are rewarded when they go inside.

After they develop the habit of eating inside the trap, untie the danglers and then it is a one way trip for them. The first pigeon inside becomes the decoy bird for the others to come in an eat also. Make sure that they have plenty to eat inside the trap or there is no incentive for the others to come in.

At the end of the day, pigeons can be euthanased inside the trap by putting the trap with pigeons in it into a big garbag. Cut a 20 mm slit in the far end of the bag and attach the opening by garden hose to the exhaust pipe of a cold petrol motor. Run the motor for a few minutes, turn the key off and let them stay in the bag for a few more minutes. They go to sleep permanently, same as at the vets. Do not keep them alive inside the trap when the sun comes up as they will warn the others to not go near the trap.

Set the pigeon trap up for the next days catch and repeat the process.

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