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Wind up the spring on The Repeater and catch multiple mice, day and night. Do not over tighten the spring. No batteries are required. Rewind it after around seven catches.

Slide the top lid back, stick peanut butter to the walls and floor and slide the lid back to close the trap top. Dried dog or cat food on the trap floor also works well to attract mice. Rodents are meat eaters.

Mice follow the food smell and enter by either of the two side doors. They step on the internal activation plate, the chamber immediately rotates by the spring, quickly depositing mice in the larger capture zone. The Repeater is immediately ready for the next mouse. Like mass production mouse capture.

Always decide before trapping starts what you are going to do with the live mice.

Check The Repeater at least once a day through the clear lid to deal with the live rodents.

Those who keep snakes as pets may be your new best friends. Snakes hunt for rats and mice. That is what attracts live snakes to chook sheds, to hunt for rodents. Trade mice for snake poo as this is a natural rodent deterrent to leave around the boundary of poultry sheds.

Wind the spring up again without over-tightening it and keep trapping until there are no more live mice to trap at that location.

Then move The Repeater to a fresh mouse location or wash it in warm water (never use chemicals or soap as man-made chemical smells on any trap will deter vermin from entering). Dry the trap in the sun and put it into storage until the next rodent wave arrives. Or leave The Repeater set all year round to trap the mice you do not know you have, before they get a chance to breed up in large numbers. Rats and mice are rapid breeders, sometimes leading to plagues of biblical proportions.

Avoid allowing mice to die in the trap as the putrid smell of baked-on death on the metal will warn off  other mice from entering the trap ever again. And you should not torture mice after you trap them. The smell of live mice will attract other mice into The Repeater. To them, this means it must be safe if others have already been in there. Mice and rats urinate as the run around the edges of a room. This provides a scent trail in the night for the other to follow.

Leave one or more Repeaters in the chook shed, aviary or horse feed shed as these are ideal locations for rodents to set up camp and start breeding up in large numbers with a large ongoing food source on tap. In sheds stacked with hay bales and compost bins are other good trapping locations.

Chooks gobble up mice. They are hungry for protein (meat) for their constant feather growth and egg production. You don't have to tell a chook what to do with mice. Instinct takes over. Only do this if you have not used poisons on your property.

The Repeater is made from sturdy galvanized sheet steel for indoor and outdoor use.

The clear section in the lid is for you to check the trapping results. The vent holes are to allow the internal food smell to waft around and lure in mice.