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Sturdy Australian design and Australian made wire mesh cage trap

This trap is galvanized steel and built to last for decades. It is compliant with Australian regulations for trapping wildlife.

Bait for possums with a piece of apple or ripe banana placed in the circular bait holder.  Small bits of fruit can be dropped in front of the trap to give them the general direction of leading them into the cage where the big fruit is.

Possums are one of the easier animals to trap.

Check you set traps each morning to deal with trapped animals.

Throw an old towel or blanket over the trap with the possum in it to darken it off as possums are nocturnal and stress out in daylight.  Possums in the cage can be relocated at around dusk. Check your local regulations with the distance allowed for relocation.

Possums can scratch and bite, even from within the trap. Wear heavy work gloves when moving the cage with the possum in it.