Our Story

IT'S A TRAP! began its journey on a Kyneton farm in 2009 after a tragic incident where foxes killed our newborn Damara lambs. By chance, we stumbled upon a cage trap maker at the Seymour Agricultural Show. In a spontaneous moment, a deal was struck, and IT'S A TRAP! was born with a handshake, no lengthy planning or research required. We believed others must face the same pest problems, and we were right.

Our Growth

From our humble beginnings, we built a website, placed print ads in local papers, and sold traps at weekend markets and agricultural shows across Victoria and New South Wales. Our online and phone orders were managed from the farm kitchen table, with packages shipped across Australia. Over the years, our range of traps expanded, quality improved, and we gained invaluable knowledge from talking face-to-face with thousands of customers.

Who We Serve

Our sturdy, Australian-made wire cage traps are used by farmers, householders, Landcare groups, park rangers, government departments, and various other sectors. From protecting golf courses from foxes to safeguarding vehicles from rodent damage, our traps have proven their effectiveness across many applications. Each trap is designed with specific animal behaviors in mind and meets Australian standards for humane trapping.

Our Commitment

All our traps are constructed from galvanized metal, built to withstand the elements and last for years. We ensure they comply with legal standards, avoiding inhumane practices and illegal designs. Our traps are meant to be used responsibly, with guidance on humane handling and disposal of trapped animals.

The Bigger Picture

Australia faces a significant challenge with feral animals causing the extinction of native species. By providing effective trapping solutions, we aim to help reduce the impact of these invasive species and protect native wildlife. Every feral animal trapped today prevents countless future generations of destructive pests.

Memorable Moments

Our journey has been filled with memorable experiences, from customers driving to our farm in search of traps to unexpected encounters with wildlife. These stories highlight the practical knowledge we share and the unique rural adventures our customers sometimes experience.

Join Us

With a combination of high-quality traps and expert advice, IT'S A TRAP! empowers you to manage pest problems effectively and humanely. Contact us at 0411 555 644 during business hours or visit our Facebook page at ItsaTrapAustralia for more information.

Thank you for choosing IT'S A TRAP! Together, we can create safer, pest-free environments.