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IT'S A TRAP! began on the farm when foxes were killing the vulnerable newborn Damara lambs. By accident, a cage trap maker was discovered at an agricultural show and the trap business began in a heartbeat because others across the country have the same destructive feral animal problems. Australia has the world record for native species extinction which came about in a large part by the introduction of a wide range of feral animals over the past 250 years. They bred up in vast numbers with no natural predators to keep their populations under control. This changed the balance of Australian native wildlife forever. Tens of millions of feral animals have had decimated populations of native birds and wildlife and damaged the landscape. Farmers lose large numbers of valuable livestock to feral animal predator attacks. Good traps last for many years and can help reduce populations of feral animals on your property.

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These gadgets, like smart thermostats and smart locks, enable you to control and automate various aspects of your
home using your smartphone or voice commands.