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THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sudden death for rats and mice

THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sudden death for rats and mice

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The Electric Chair is a humane, easy, and non-toxic method to eliminate pesky, disease-ridden rats and mice. This trap offers a quick and efficient solution for managing rodent populations without the mess and secondary risks associated with poisons.


  1. Humane: Rodents quickly drop dead inside the trap with no blood, guts, or lingering death by poisons.
  2. Easy to Use: Simply tip out the dead rodent, reset the trap by turning it off and on, and continue trapping.
  3. Harm Minimization: Prevents secondary kills of pets, livestock, and wildlife.
  4. Odor-Free: Avoids the stink and contamination from poisoned rodents dying in inaccessible places.
  5. Simplicity: Easy disposal of rodents, useful for feeding chickens or as compost.
  6. Safety: Reduces the presence of poisonous snakes attracted to rodent populations.
  7. Warranty: Includes a 12-month warranty.

Rodent Facts

  • Rats and mice breed prolifically, with a single group ranging from 150 to 250 rodents.
  • Rodents can cause significant damage to property by chewing on electrical wiring, leading to potential fires.
  • Rodents are attracted to warm, sheltered places to breed, especially during cooler months.

Usage Instructions

Step One: Location

  • Identify areas of infestation. Use flour to detect rodent activity by checking for footprints.

Step Two: Assembly

  • Unpack and assemble the two-part trap. Choose between battery or 240V power options.

Step Three: Setting

  • Place bait in the recessed holder, assemble the trap, and position it where rodents are active. Turn the trap on to activate.

Step Four: Maintenance and Safety

  • Regularly check and clean the trap. Keep it dry and away from extreme heat. Use the extension lead with a light to monitor out-of-sight traps.

Why Choose The Electric Chair?

The Electric Chair is a humane, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for controlling rodent populations. Its durable design, ease of maintenance, and non-toxic approach make it ideal for various environments.

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THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sudden death for rats and mice
THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sudden death for rats and miceECHMT-001
THE ELECTRIC CHAIR - Sudden death for rats and miceECHMT-001
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