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The Buntine Fox Trap is a strong wire cage trap designed and manufactured in Australia. The wire mesh is also made in Australia. This trap is built to work and to last for many decades.

If you are serious about trapping foxes, you need a serious fox trap and the right knowledge on how to use it properly in alignment with fox behavior to achieve the maximum number of trapped foxes on your property, year in and year out.

A good trap has to be long enough for the body and the tail of the fox to be fully inside the trap before the trap door is triggered behind it. Those who try and trap a fox in a smaller cat or possum trap may find that the trap door will come down on the foxes back, it will reverse out and never go near a trap for the rest of its life. It is now trap-shy and it will continue to wreak havoc on livestock and native animals for the rest of its days.

  • The Buntine Fox Trap is used by park rangers, householders, government departments, farmers, Landcare groups, golf course owners and more
  • Multi-purpose - it can be used to trap feral cats and other meat eaters of similar size, including wild dogs around the same size as an adult fox
  • Will securely hold a wild adult fox who will bite the trap with its powerful jaws to try and escape
  • Use this trap all year round, for trapping fox after fox
  • Built for central city foxes, suburban foxes, regional town foxes, farm foxes, national park and bushland foxes
  • Discount pricing for bulk trap orders

The Buntine Fox Trap will also trap other meat eaters up to the size of an adult fox including wild dogs and feral cats.

A previous customer for this trap came back to tell us she had to get her young daughter out of this trap - another reason to check traps daily.


Set the trap on a trail that foxes use, outside a chook shed, where there are fox droppings, where they have been sighted, near their den,

. - their scats have a pointy end and are often placed high up on rocks, fence posts, gate rails, garden shed shelving - the higher up, the more aggressive is the message to other foxes and dogs in its territory, plus it is a warning message for you to get out of it's occupied territory.

Drag a dead rabbit, dead chook, piece of liver or other smelly, aromatic meat including junk food,  on a rope from around 50 meters out and around in a circle, leading into the mouth of the trap, if on acres. Foxes follow the scent looking for the free meal at the end of the trail.

Keep human scent off the trap. 

Length  1,200 mm
Width  460 mm
Height 460 mm
Weight 10 kg

    Shipping is from Victoria and NSW - please email, phone or text us for your shipping price with your town/suburb and postcode.
    This trap is too large for shipment by Australia Post.
    Shipping requires a street address for delivery by courier.
    Despatch can fit four to eight fox traps on one shipping pallet which requires a forklift to unload at the delivery address.